Over the last 6 months, the COVID-19 virus has changed much of how we do things, and when we do them.  Such is the case with the Crab Meadow Ladies Golf Association (CMLGA) which holds its’ opening meeting in May during which the Nominating Committee is constituted with the charge of selecting a slate of ladies for officer positions to be voted on during our closing meeting.  Our opening meeting did not take place this year and so the formulation of this Committee did not take place until very recently.  On this committee are 2 Executive Board members, Ginny Kohler and Judy Cramer, and 3 ladies from the general membership (Kathy Cloonan, Celeste Mauro, and Evelyn Pinezich).  President Sheila McGill selected Judy Cramer to chair this committee.

The Committee met yesterday, Sept. 15th to discuss the nominating/election process and to select a slate of officers to put before a vote of the League membership.  This slate is being posted via this email, on our website, and in the Crab Meadow ladies locker room.  The following is the nominated slate of officers to serve two-year terms (2021-2022):

We invite other nominations for any and all of these officer positions.  Any other names that members would like to submit for these positions must be supported by 10 League members (include the list of supporters in your email), AND must be submitted to Judy Cramer via email (jacramer123@gmail.com) by NEXT TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22nd so that they can be included on the ballot.

Please feel free to direct any questions you may have to Judy Cramer (jacramer123@gmail.com or